Indiana Farmers insures restaurants, contractors and funeral homes

Indiana Farmers
Indiana Farmers Mutual is eager to write your restaurant, contractor business or funeral home. Here’s a sampling of business the company wrote recently…

Restaurant – Restaurant and Lessors Risk BOP, CUP Premium: $24,600 This insured owns and operates two very popular drive-in hot dog stands, as well as a few other commercial rental properties in Lafayette.

Contractor – CPP, CAP, WCP, CUP Premium: $51,000 This locally owned contractor and manufacturer is located in northern Indiana. They specialize in sun rooms and replacement windows and have been in business since the mid ’70s.

Funeral Home – CPP, WCP, CUP Premium: $21,000 This family-owned business has been serving southern Indiana since the late 1800s. They’ve grown substantially over the years and recently added a second location.

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Insurance for Photographers

Photographers have special insurance needs…

Indiana Farmers Mutual has new coverages for photographers that will make you smile.

Photographers invest heavily in cameras, lenses and other equipment. This specialized equipment needs specialized coverage – whether it’s at their studio or on location.  Indiana Farmers has developed coverages specifically for photographer clients. Check out the highlights below:

BOP Enhancement Endorsement

G A MacDonald Associates can layer coverages to provide the best protection for photographers, such as: Business Personal Property Off-premises – coverage for business personal property off-premises is a must for photographers, so Indiana Farmers has increased the limit to $25,000.

Photography Endorsement

Scheduled Photographic Equipment Off-premises Provides coverage for scheduled photographic equipment in transit or not located at the insured premises. Unscheduled Photographic Equipment Off-premises Provides coverage up to $5,000 per item with a $25,000 occurrence limit for unscheduled photographic equipment in transit or not located at the insured premises. Combine that with the BOP Enhancement endorsement and you have $50,000 in coverage for unscheduled equipment. Failure to Deliver Photographic Product Coverage A photographer’s worst nightmare – damaged equipment after a full day of shooting. We can’t bring back the photos, but we can provide coverage for claims arising from failing to deliver photographic product due to loss or damage to photographic film or electronic media.

Coming soon: Photography – Amendment of Coverage Territory for “Photographic Equipment” – World Wide Coverage

We’ll soon be able to endorse scheduled equipment for world-wide coverage … perfect for those destination weddings and more. We’ll let you know as soon as these coverages are available.


Need a photographer insurance agent?

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