Driving Tips to Avoid Deer Claims

Deer driving tips

Driving Tips to Avoid Deer Claims…

  • Deer are most active between sunset and midnight, as well as pre-dawn hours.
  • October-January is migration and mating season for deer. Be on the look-out!
  • If you see a deer-crossing sign, SLOW DOWN!
  • When you see one deer, there are likely others nearby.
  • Keep your brights on when there is no oncoming traffic.
  • Honk your horn if you see a deer frozen in your headlights.
  • Brake and stay in your lane if you can’t avoid a deer.
  • For insurance purposes, be sure to take photos of the accident scene and your vehicle damage.


14/69 Auto Body offers Deer Hit special

1469 Autobody deer hit specialThis time of year means deer claims are a common problem, taking the lives of hundreds of people every year. According to Wikipedia, deer-related collisions cause about 200 deaths and $1.1 billion in claims every year (2000). Not only are they dangerous for the people who have them, they’re a hassle too.

Our agency was thrilled to hear about the deer collision car rental special from 14/69 Auto Body. Through November 30, 2016, 14/69 is offering “5 days of free car rental” for deer collision repairs exceeding $2,000. 14/69 Auto Body has 5 convenient locations, offers mobile estimating, a lifetime warranty, as well as free pick up and delivery.

Restrictions apply. For more information, please call one of their convenient locations in the Fort Wayne area…

Superior Street (downtown)

Lima Road

620 Avenue of Autos
Fort Wayne IN 46804

Coldwater Road

New Haven


14/69 Auto Body is a Recommended Body Shop for G A MacDonald Associates clients.