Life insurance for Down Syndrome

(Indiana & Ohio Residents Only)

So you’ve been told your child doesn’t qualify for life insurance because he or she has Down Syndrome. I’m here to tell you that life insurance coverage is now available, even if the child has been declined in the past. Our agency provides affordable life insurance coverage for our clients with Down Syndrome. And it couldn’t be easier to qualify…our application has only one health question:

“Are you currently confined to a hospital or hospice, or have you been told by a medical practitioner that you have a terminal illness?” If you answered “No,” please continue reading…

Our plan guarantees anyone aged 5 to 80 the opportunity to purchase up to $25,000 of permanent whole life protection by answering one simple health question. No medical information or exam is required. The death benefit in years one to three is limited to a return of premiums paid in the first year, 50% in the second year and 100% in the third year and thereafter. The full face amount of the policy is payable in all years in case of accidental death.

Plan Features

  • Choose a $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 or $25,000 life benefit
  • NO medical or physical exam – only one (1) health question
  • Premium is fully-paid in 20 years
  • Policy builds cash value for your child’s future


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Life insurance rates for children with Down Syndrome

For ages 19+ please see our adults with special needs rates

* Rates are current for Indiana and Ohio as of May, 2014, and subject to change without notice. Upon issue, rates remain level for twenty years, after which time the policy is paid in full and no premiums will be due.

** Monthly (EFT) – Bank draft from a checking account on the same day each month.

This page and illustrations provided are for summary purposes only and contain a general outline of coverages provided. This is not a contract or policy. For a complete and detailed description of coverages and exclusions, refer to the policy forms. Eligibility is subject to underwriting approval by the insurance company.

Call us today: (260) 422-5377 or
(877) 341-5377 (toll-free)

Residents of Other States

Our agency is presently licensed to write this plan only in the States of Indiana and Ohio.

We will be adding other states in the near future. Click here to inquire when your state may be added.

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