How to become a notary in Indiana


How do I become a notary public in Indiana?

To become a notary public in the State of Indiana, follow these easy steps to get a notary public bond in Indiana…

  1. Apply for the required $25,000 notary public/surety bond
  2. Complete the online notary public application on the Secretary of State’s website

At G. A. MacDonald Associates, we issue your Indiana notary bond the same business day, then e-mail you the $25,000 eight-year notary bond and complimentary $5,000 notary E & O policy.

Upon receiving your bond from us, you’ll need to complete the notary application on the Secretary of State’s website:  There you will enter the name of the bonding company and bond number we’ll provide to you where requested. The Secretary of State’s filing fee is made online via their website. Notary public commission certificates are available immediately when you pay online.

For frequently asked questions about stamps, seals and notary duties, please visit Indiana’s notary public FAQ’s at: For specific questions, please contact the Secretary of State’s office at (317) 232-6576, or email:

With G. A. MacDonald Associates, you can get your Indiana notary commission the same-business day.

Am I able to become an Indiana Notary Public?

In the State of Indiana, an applicant for a notary public commission:

  1. must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, and
  2. must be a legal resident of the State of Indiana or primarily employed in Indiana
  3. Not be disqualified to receive a commission for either of the following
    • having a conviction or civil ruling involving deceit, dishonesty or fraud, or
    • having served more than six (6) months in jail

What is a notary public bond?

A bond is like an insurance policy but rather than protect the notary, it protects the public whenever the notary fails in their capacity to act according to their commission. Unlike an insurance policy, a bond is simply a “guarantee to pay” and can reimburse the injured party (public) for damages when a loss occurs. The State of Indiana requires a $25,000 bond. This bond must be valid for the eight (8) year term of the notary’s commission. While freehold bonds have been allowed in the past, they are no longer accepted.

What is Notary E & O coverage and do I need it?

As mentioned above, a notary bond is simply a guarantee to pay. A notary errors and omissions (E & O) policy can cover legal fees and damages up to the amount of the coverage you select. The Indiana Secretary of State’s office encourages notaries to obtain errors and omissions insurance for your personal protection. Bonds issued through our agency automatically include $5,000 E & O coverage for FREE. Higher limits are available ($10,000 – add $65; $25,000 – add $104).

Where can I get a Indiana notary bond?

  1. Complete our Online Indiana Notary Bond Application and click the “submit form” button, or
  2. For fastest service, call Dave MacDonald at (260) 422-5377, or toll-free at (877) 341-5377.
  3. We’ll issue the notary bond and email it to you the same business day. The email will include the bond company name and your bond number.

Next you’ll need to gather these items to complete the notary application on the State of Indiana website…

  • Have your Indiana driver’s license info available
  • Have your employment information available, if applicable
  • Have your $25,000 surety bond for upload in the application (we’ll provide this for you)
  • Have a sample of your signature to upload in the application
  • Complete the notary public education course. You’ll be required to pass a test on the material as well

How much does it cost to become a notary in Indiana?

The cost for the required $25,000 notary surety bond is $75.00 and covers you for the eight (8) year term. We’ll send you an invoice allowing you to pay the insurance company directly by check or credit card when we issue your notary bond. The Indiana Secretary of State’s office charges $18.87 for the notary application fee ($8.67 for commission revisions). Payment to the State of Indiana can be made using VISA or MasterCard. Payments made to the State by credit card will include a small convenience fee as well.

Do I need a notary stamp in Indiana?

Yes, you will need to obtain a notary stamp or seal when you notarize documents. The official notary seal must include the following:

  • The words “notary public”
  • The words “State of Indiana”
  • The word “seal”
  • The name of the notary public exactly as it appears on the notary public’s commission certificate
  • The words “commission number” followed by the commission number of the notary public
  • The words “My commission expires” followed by the expiration date of the notary public’s commission

The seal must be capable of being copied together with the record to which it is affixed, attached or associated. It may include any other information chosen by the notary to be included on the seal.

Where can I get a notary seal in Indiana?

You may purchase a stamp or seal at retail stores or through a notary supply vendor. The Secretary of State doesn’t provide or sell notary stamps or seals and cannot make recommendations on where to obtain supplies, training or the bonds themselves.

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