Indiana Farmers insures restaurants, contractors and funeral homes

Indiana Farmers
Indiana Farmers Mutual is eager to write your restaurant, contractor business or funeral home. Here’s a sampling of business the company wrote recently…

Restaurant – Restaurant and Lessors Risk BOP, CUP Premium: $24,600 This insured owns and operates two very popular drive-in hot dog stands, as well as a few other commercial rental properties in Lafayette.

Contractor – CPP, CAP, WCP, CUP Premium: $51,000 This locally owned contractor and manufacturer is located in northern Indiana. They specialize in sun rooms and replacement windows and have been in business since the mid ’70s.

Funeral Home – CPP, WCP, CUP Premium: $21,000 This family-owned business has been serving southern Indiana since the late 1800s. They’ve grown substantially over the years and recently added a second location.

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