Hagerty Private Client Services program

Warmer weather is just around the corner which means the fun cars are coming out soon!

Check out this 1957 Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti which recently sold for $39 million.

source: Hagerty.com

Hagerty is the perfect place to insure larger collections, both in amount of vehicles as well as high dollar collections. They offer a few things specific to collecting that no other company can provide.

The qualifications for their Private Client Services department are as follows:
-At least 6 vehicles with a total collection value of $250,000 or more
-At least one vehicle (or more) worth $500,000 or more

Includes the following features:

· 150% Market Appreciation (if you insure a car at $100,000 and have a total loss, we would pay up to $150,000 if the car shows a value increase)
· Automatic Coverage for new purchases up to the highest valued vehicle on the policy.
· International Physical Damage
· Trip Interruption Coverage
· Roadside Assistance and Flatbed Towing
· Limited Deductible Waiver of $2,500
· Full Glass Deductible Waiver
· Total Loss Deductible waiver (new!)
· Vehicle VIN Theft and Fraudulent Title Coverage
· $2,500 in Spare Parts
· Reward Coverage
· Car Cover Coverage
· In-House Claims (we do not use a third-party. Hagerty employees handle the claim.)