Christmas Tree Safety

Did you water your tree today?

This public service announcement video shows the very real danger posed by an electrical short in a strand of Christmas tree lights…

Christmas Tree Safety Tips

  • Always purchase the freshest cut tree you can find. Cut your own live tree whenever possible. Avoid trees that were cut more than a few days before you purchased it.
  • Check the water in your live tree stand every day. Be sure there’s plenty of water if you’ll be away for any period of time.
  • Always use new light strands whenever possible. Avoid lights with bulbs that get too hot. Never use light strands or extension cords that are frayed, have animal bite marks, or are in poor condition.
  • Avoid using extension cords. Plug lights directly into wall sockets. Don’t overwhelm wall outlets with multiple extension cords.
  • NEVER leave your house without turning off your Christmas lights.
  • Discard any tree with dry needles – even if it’s before Christmas.
  • Recycle your tree after Christmas. Be sure to remove ornaments and tinsel first!

Christmas Tree Recycling Locations

December 26 – January 13

Fort Wayne Area

Allen County Highway Garage
2234 Carroll Rd.

Republic Services-Compost Site
6231 MacBeth Rd.
M-F:  8 am-5 pm, Sat:  8 am-12 noon
(closed New Year’s Day)

Bio Solids, Lime & Yard Waste Recycling
6202 Lake Avenue
M-F:  8 am -3 pm
(closed New Year’s Day)

Grabill/Leo-Cedarville Area
Metea County Park
8401 Union Chapel Rd.
(gates close at 6p daily)

Monroeville Area
Monroeville Compost Site
200 Utility Drive

New Haven Area
Jury Park
Meadowbrook School-Parking Lot
City Hall-North Side
815 Lincoln Highway East

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