Classic Hemi Firepower Engine Rebuild

After ten months, 40,000+ photos and a ton of blood, sweat, tears and grease, Davin and Matt completed another Redline Rebuild.

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Christmas Tree Safety

Did you water your tree today?

This public service announcement video shows the very real danger posed by an electrical short in a strand of Christmas tree lights…

Christmas Tree Safety Tips

  • Always purchase the freshest cut tree you can find. Cut your own live tree whenever possible. Avoid trees that were cut more than a few days before you purchased it.
  • Check the water in your live tree stand every day. Be sure there’s plenty of water if you’ll be away for any period of time.
  • Always use new light strands whenever possible. Avoid lights with bulbs that get too hot. Never use light strands or extension cords that are frayed, have animal bite marks, or are in poor condition.
  • Avoid using extension cords. Plug lights directly into wall sockets. Don’t overwhelm wall outlets with multiple extension cords.
  • NEVER leave your house without turning off your Christmas lights.
  • Discard any tree with dry needles – even if it’s before Christmas.
  • Recycle your tree after Christmas. Be sure to remove ornaments and tinsel first!

Christmas Tree Recycling Locations

December 26 – January 13

Fort Wayne Area

Allen County Highway Garage
2234 Carroll Rd.

Republic Services-Compost Site
6231 MacBeth Rd.
M-F:  8 am-5 pm, Sat:  8 am-12 noon
(closed New Year’s Day)

Bio Solids, Lime & Yard Waste Recycling
6202 Lake Avenue
M-F:  8 am -3 pm
(closed New Year’s Day)

Grabill/Leo-Cedarville Area
Metea County Park
8401 Union Chapel Rd.
(gates close at 6p daily)

Monroeville Area
Monroeville Compost Site
200 Utility Drive

New Haven Area
Jury Park
Meadowbrook School-Parking Lot
City Hall-North Side
815 Lincoln Highway East

3 Winter Car Hacks

Maintaining visibility in your vehicle can be especially tough in winter months as temperatures drop first below the dew point and then again below freezing. As you probably know car windows get foggy when water condenses on them. This happens on both the inside and outside of the window depending on the season.

Summer Moisture and Window Fogging

Outside humidity can be a problem particularly in Indiana on the hot, stormy days of summer. Water will condense on surfaces when the surface temperature is below the dew point of the air surrounding it. When you get warm, humid air touching a cooler surface you’ll likely see it fog up. When it’s very humid outside and you are running the air conditioner inside, moisture condenses on the outside of windows. Use windshield wipers and your rear defroster to remove condensation there by wiping it off or causing it evaporate.

Prevent Car Windows from Frosting in Winter

In winter, the opposite situation occurs when moisture is on the inside of your car. Colder air outside causes inside moisture to fog inside. When it gets really cold it can crystalize on the inside of your windows and windshield. Check out these three 3 simple hacks to prevent your car windows from fogging and crystallizing by removing the moisture first, then prevent excess moisture from obscuring your view. In first segment, learn how to dehumidify your car with cat litter and socks. You’ll need to fill a pair of socks with cheap kitty litter (the silica crystal kind) and put them under your windshield at night. Next you prepare windows by preventing moisture from accumulating on them with simple shaving cream. Finally, most people use heating and ventilation the wrong way when trying to defog in Winter. Turn on the A/C while setting the temperature control to the highest heat setting.

ALWAYS Clear windows before driving

As a reminder, NEVER drive your vehicle without first clearing snow and scraping ice/crystals off every window surface first! Be sure to have a sturdy ice scraper in your car at all times. In a pinch, you can use an old credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express or department store card – you choose!) to scrape windows with just a little ice or frost.

Pokémon Go and distracted driving

Drivers who are distracted are becoming an ever increasing nuisance. Since the advent of the cell phone this problem has gotten even worse. The latest Pokemon Go craze has taken distracted driving to a whole new level. Check out this teen driver who chose the wrong time to attempt a Charmander grab and grabbed instead a totaled car and a lot more trouble from cops because of it. Wonder why teen driver rates are so high?

Top Ten Things We Didn’t Know 100 Years Ago

Our scientific discoveries are still fairly young compared to how old the universe is. We’ve come a long way in discovering how many things work and what causes certain reactions during that short time. Here are 10 things that we didn’t know just 100 years ago! If you have relatives that are over 100 years old, think of how amazing it was for them to have all of this discovered throughout their lifetime.

The Family Feud Comeback of the Century

After his teammate fails miserably at the first round of fast money on Family Feud, this gentleman was left with the task of picking up the slack. Would he be able to get mostly number one answers to earn the 168 points needed to win the game? Say your answers along with him and see if you’d be able to pull your team out of the gutter and end up winners!

Ten Roads You Never Want to Drive On

10 Roads You Never Want to DriveI’m not sure if your auto insurance would have you covered if you drove on these 10 dangerous roads! From mountain passes plagued by landslides to a road that gets covered by the tide each day, you may want to steer clear. Do any of the treacherous roads that you’ve driven on before measure up to any of these when it comes to the danger factor?