Credit card tips for college students

Have a son or daughter going to college soon? While it’s an exciting to venture out and explore life on their own, it can be a bit scary particularly as they navigate their way through financial obstacles. They’re likely to be bombarded with free credit card offers from banks as soon as they graduate from high school. However, it’s really important they get off on the right foot and start their adult life with the right financial habits. Please share this video with anyone heading to college soon so they gain insight in handling this financial freedom!

Budgeting tips for Millennials

Even though they may get bogged down by credit cards and student loan debt, millennials can still reach their financial goals if they’re smart about it.  In this video, expert Nathan Bachrach discusses his top tips for saving money to move out as well as other useful ideas to stash cash away for the future. Any tips you would share with the next generation just starting out on their own?