Daylight saving time ends November 5 2017

Don’t forget to change your clocks this Sunday, November 5, 2017, when Daylight Saving Time ends and we “fall back” to “Standard” time.

Daylight Saving Time ends for Fort Wayne and most of the United States at 2:00 am Sunday, November 5. That means earlier sunsets and an increased risk for deer-car crashes and sleepy drivers. “Falling back” means we’ll change our clocks at 2:00 am back to 1:00 am, giving us an extra hour to sleep in.

Christmas Tree Safety

Did you water your tree today?

This public service announcement video shows the very real danger posed by an electrical short in a strand of Christmas tree lights…

Christmas Tree Safety Tips

  • Always purchase the freshest cut tree you can find. Cut your own live tree whenever possible. Avoid trees that were cut more than a few days before you purchased it.
  • Check the water in your live tree stand every day. Be sure there’s plenty of water if you’ll be away for any period of time.
  • Always use new light strands whenever possible. Avoid lights with bulbs that get too hot. Never use light strands or extension cords that are frayed, have animal bite marks, or are in poor condition.
  • Avoid using extension cords. Plug lights directly into wall sockets. Don’t overwhelm wall outlets with multiple extension cords.
  • NEVER leave your house without turning off your Christmas lights.
  • Discard any tree with dry needles – even if it’s before Christmas.
  • Recycle your tree after Christmas. Be sure to remove ornaments and tinsel first!

Christmas Tree Recycling Locations

December 26 – January 13

Fort Wayne Area

Allen County Highway Garage
2234 Carroll Rd.

Republic Services-Compost Site
6231 MacBeth Rd.
M-F:  8 am-5 pm, Sat:  8 am-12 noon
(closed New Year’s Day)

Bio Solids, Lime & Yard Waste Recycling
6202 Lake Avenue
M-F:  8 am -3 pm
(closed New Year’s Day)

Grabill/Leo-Cedarville Area
Metea County Park
8401 Union Chapel Rd.
(gates close at 6p daily)

Monroeville Area
Monroeville Compost Site
200 Utility Drive

New Haven Area
Jury Park
Meadowbrook School-Parking Lot
City Hall-North Side
815 Lincoln Highway East

3 Winter Car Hacks

Maintaining visibility in your vehicle can be especially tough in winter months as temperatures drop first below the dew point and then again below freezing. As you probably know car windows get foggy when water condenses on them. This happens on both the inside and outside of the window depending on the season.

Summer Moisture and Window Fogging

Outside humidity can be a problem particularly in Indiana on the hot, stormy days of summer. Water will condense on surfaces when the surface temperature is below the dew point of the air surrounding it. When you get warm, humid air touching a cooler surface you’ll likely see it fog up. When it’s very humid outside and you are running the air conditioner inside, moisture condenses on the outside of windows. Use windshield wipers and your rear defroster to remove condensation there by wiping it off or causing it evaporate.

Prevent Car Windows from Frosting in Winter

In winter, the opposite situation occurs when moisture is on the inside of your car. Colder air outside causes inside moisture to fog inside. When it gets really cold it can crystalize on the inside of your windows and windshield. Check out these three 3 simple hacks to prevent your car windows from fogging and crystallizing by removing the moisture first, then prevent excess moisture from obscuring your view. In first segment, learn how to dehumidify your car with cat litter and socks. You’ll need to fill a pair of socks with cheap kitty litter (the silica crystal kind) and put them under your windshield at night. Next you prepare windows by preventing moisture from accumulating on them with simple shaving cream. Finally, most people use heating and ventilation the wrong way when trying to defog in Winter. Turn on the A/C while setting the temperature control to the highest heat setting.

ALWAYS Clear windows before driving

As a reminder, NEVER drive your vehicle without first clearing snow and scraping ice/crystals off every window surface first! Be sure to have a sturdy ice scraper in your car at all times. In a pinch, you can use an old credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express or department store card – you choose!) to scrape windows with just a little ice or frost.

Dealing with fat

So what’s the deal with that three-letter word “FAT”? For so many years, fat was one of the worst words in health. But as science progressed, we have discovered much more about different types of fat and how a person’s body react to each one. While comparing the “good fats” to the “bad fats” can be a little confusing, these tips will make understanding the differences a little easier…

Prepare your lawn for Fall

Get your lawn ready for fallAlthough most of the country has been struggling with heat waves, Autumn and falling temps are here! Soon the leaves will change color and fall festivals will begin. Now is a great time to begin prepping your yard for the coming cold months. This checklist will get you started and have your yard in great shape in no time at all…

  • Maintain the landscape
  • Plant Fall vegetables
  • Keep muscles relaxed and yourself well-hydrated
  • Make room for indoor plants
  • Clean the garage and outbuildings

For more information check out the full article

Top 25 Cleaning Hacks

Have you ever realized you were out of sponges just when you decided to take on a pile of dirty dishes? Ever struggle with scrubbing six months of baked on grease out of your oven? If so this is the video that’s just for you! Whether it’s vomit stains, cat urine, dust or clogged sinks, we’ve got you covered. Check out these 25 cleaning hacks to get your house in top shape without a lot of time or effort. Most of these are ingenious and you’ll wonder why you never thought of them yourself. Don’t forget to share these with family and friends…they’ll thank you for it!

FDA’s Talk Before You Take program

medicineWhen our doctor prescribes us a new medicine, lots of us don’t ask the questions we should. What side effects we should be aware of? Will it react negatively with another medication I’m taking? All these things should be known before we leave the doctor’s office so there are no bad reactions in the future. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently launched a “Talk Before You Take” campaign advising people what questions they should ask their doctor. Print this list and have it handy the next time you visit the doctor to make sure you know everything you need to!

Weird Crowdfunding Campaigns That Failed

For many start-up companies crowdfunding is a great way to get off the ground. Regular people like you and me have the chance to fund a new business and help them produce their product. In exchange we get the product they are launching before it hits the market. But, not every launch is a success. Take a look at some of these kooky ideas some inventors tried to give us. It’s not too hard to see why they were less than successful…


Source: Best Infographics

Next Stop? Retirement

RetirementFor so many of us retirement is a wonderful time. Not only is it a new beginning and a chance to do the things you always wanted but couldn’t because of your 9 to 5 job, it can symbolize the end of a happy time in your life and a reminder of the career goals you couldn’t meet. This article takes a different perspective on things and can help you learn to prepare and make certain your retirement transition is a smooth one…

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Make the Most of Your Summer Vacation

VacationIf you have the privilege of taking a vacation each year, chances are you’d like to make sure everything goes smoothly and without a hitch. While these tips might seem like a no-brainer, they can be things you overlook. From planning in advance so you don’t scrambling once you arrive to making sure your destination choice is a good fit for your family, you will want to save these tips for future reference…

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