Insuring your expediting business trucks

When you drive over the road, your truck is your livelihood. When you’re not driving, you’re not making money. Having the right insurance company when you need it most is incredibly important. Susan Medline and Kevin and Tracey Wallace know from experience what a difference the right company means. For them, insuring their expediting business with Progressive made all the difference. They wouldn’t consider another insurance company for their long haul trucking business…

Susan explains,

“Life on the road for a trucker is different. You can’t anticipate what’s gonna happen from moment to moment. The scenery changes every day. It’s the only job that I know if you’re somewhere you don’t like you can get in the truck and you can leave.

My name is Susan Medline. My company is Medline Expedited and I am the owner. At 40 I had a life changing experience. My husband Jerry had always said that when our daughters grew up and left that we were going to go trucking. And I told him he was out of his mind. He drug me into trucking and now I’ve drug him into owning trucks. The biggest reason I started doing this is I wanted to be a stable owner that people can get into my trucks and know that I’ve got their back.

Kevin & Tracey came to drive for me at a time when things were really difficult for them and didn’t even know if they wanted to drive any more.”

Kevin Wallace knows how important it is to have a great commercial insurance company behind your trucking business.

“Two years ago we’d lost our truck in the Joplin tornado. We rely on having our equipment. That’s what makes our money and gives us the ability to earn a living. So it was very important for us when we looked for a new owner, one that was reputable and also had good insurance. We know how huge that is for our own financial stability.”

Susan continues,

“If I had not had Progressive Insurance in December of last year I wouldn’t be sitting where I’m sitting right now and that is no joke. I had a total loss on a truck. Within fourteen days the claim was settled. Within thirty days I replaced the equipment. If I hadn’t had Progressive, if I hadn’t had that one stop call where there’s somebody always there when I call, it could have been a lot, lot worse financially. Because the way my business is run, if the truck doesn’t make money none of us make money. So having a good insurance company, a good insurance agent, has made a huge difference in my business.”

Find a truck insurance agent

At G A MacDonald Associates, we know truck insurance. We work with top-notch companies like Progressive to provide the coverage and service you need, 24/7/365. Call Dave MacDonald today at (260) 422-5377 for a competitive quote with a company and agent you can trust.

Fort Wayne leaf pickup schedule

It’s about that time again. Soon the leaves will be falling and cooler temperatures upon us.

Starting next Monday, October 17, City crews will start the annual ritual of leaf collection. Each neighborhood will be visited twice through December 2, 2016.

Residents should rake leaves to the park strip or curb in front of their home no later than 7:00 a.m. on Monday of their designated week.

 Area Collection Dates
South  October 17 – October 21
November 7 – November 11
 North  October 24 – October 28
November 14 – November 18
 Central  October 31 – November 4
November 28 – December 2

For more information, please call the Leaf Pick-Up Hotline at 427-2302.

2016 Fort Wayne leaf pickup map

Source: Fort Wayne News-Sentinel



Dealing with fat

So what’s the deal with that three-letter word “FAT”? For so many years, fat was one of the worst words in health. But as science progressed, we have discovered much more about different types of fat and how a person’s body react to each one. While comparing the “good fats” to the “bad fats” can be a little confusing, these tips will make understanding the differences a little easier…

Prepare your lawn for Fall

Get your lawn ready for fallAlthough most of the country has been struggling with heat waves, Autumn and falling temps are here! Soon the leaves will change color and fall festivals will begin. Now is a great time to begin prepping your yard for the coming cold months. This checklist will get you started and have your yard in great shape in no time at all…

  • Maintain the landscape
  • Plant Fall vegetables
  • Keep muscles relaxed and yourself well-hydrated
  • Make room for indoor plants
  • Clean the garage and outbuildings

For more information check out the full article

Top 25 Cleaning Hacks

Have you ever realized you were out of sponges just when you decided to take on a pile of dirty dishes? Ever struggle with scrubbing six months of baked on grease out of your oven? If so this is the video that’s just for you! Whether it’s vomit stains, cat urine, dust or clogged sinks, we’ve got you covered. Check out these 25 cleaning hacks to get your house in top shape without a lot of time or effort. Most of these are ingenious and you’ll wonder why you never thought of them yourself. Don’t forget to share these with family and friends…they’ll thank you for it!

Pokémon Go and distracted driving

Drivers who are distracted are becoming an ever increasing nuisance. Since the advent of the cell phone this problem has gotten even worse. The latest Pokemon Go craze has taken distracted driving to a whole new level. Check out this teen driver who chose the wrong time to attempt a Charmander grab and grabbed instead a totaled car and a lot more trouble from cops because of it. Wonder why teen driver rates are so high?

Improve people skills with charm

Do you wish you could be more at ease at those times when you’re surrounded by a group of people? Individuals with great people skills seem to share one quality others are missing. What is this illusive trait? Charm. Learn how to make other feel important and people will appreciate your presence whenever you enter the room. When you excel in social settings, both your personal and business lives will improve. For more information, check out these tips from Brian Tracy…

Credit card tips for college students

Have a son or daughter going to college soon? While it’s an exciting to venture out and explore life on their own, it can be a bit scary particularly as they navigate their way through financial obstacles. They’re likely to be bombarded with free credit card offers from banks as soon as they graduate from high school. However, it’s really important they get off on the right foot and start their adult life with the right financial habits. Please share this video with anyone heading to college soon so they gain insight in handling this financial freedom!

PHP leaving the Affordable Care Act

PHP Fort WaynePhysicians Health Plan (PHP) announced today that it will leave the ACA’s Indiana marketplace in 2017. PHP advised that medical expenses are exceeding premiums by 20%, or $1.20 in health care costs for every $1.00 in premium received. The move will affect PHP’s thousands of customers.