Indiana Farmers 60 Day Moratorium

Indiana Farmers Insurance

Due to the severe storms and subsequent flooding on February 15 – 25, the Department of Insurance has requested insurance companies implement a 60-day moratorium for cancellation due to nonpayment of any insurance policy in effect for any policyholder directly affected by the storms who resides within the impacted area, as well as a suspension of… [Read More]

Indiana Farmers Personal Auto Plus Enhancement

Indiana Farmers

Looking for a comprehensive suite of coverages for your vehicle? Indiana Farmers Insurance now provides a broad personal auto endorsement Replacement Cost Coverage for Current Model Year and Previous Model Year – For vehicles 2 years old or less, replacement cost is provided when the vehicle suffers a total loss. No Depreciation on Mechanical Parts –… [Read More]

Why you need flood insurance

need flood insurance

Flooding is a detrimental liability that will cause hundreds to thousands (to possibly tens of thousands!) of dollars in damage if you are not covered. It is important to ensure that you are not only covered, but that you have the proper amount of coverage as well. Since flood insurance policies often do not take… [Read More]