Insuring your expediting business trucks

Expediting truck insurance

When you drive over the road, your truck is your livelihood. When you’re not driving, you’re not making money. Having the right insurance company when you need it most is incredibly important. Susan Medline and Kevin and Tracey Wallace know from experience what a difference the right company means. For them, insuring their expediting business with Progressive… [Read More]

Fort Wayne leaf pickup schedule

2016 Fort Wayne leaf pickup map

It’s about that time again. Soon the leaves will be falling and cooler temperatures upon us. Starting next Monday, October 17, City crews will start the annual ritual of leaf collection. Each neighborhood will be visited twice through December 2, 2016. Residents should rake leaves to the park strip or curb in front of their… [Read More]

Dealing with fat

Whats the deal with fat

So what’s the deal with that three-letter word “FAT”? For so many years, fat was one of the worst words in health. But as science progressed, we have discovered much more about different types of fat and how a person’s body react to each one. While comparing the “good fats” to the “bad fats” can… [Read More]