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City of Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Current Old Fort with Gate viewed from the NW corner
...Building Upon Our Past"


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Omni Source Property

Target: Parents/Children/

Old Fort Gateway
"Fort Fun" Playground
Three Rivers Fountain
Old Fort Water Park Resort
Train Depot/Rail Museum
Fort Flea Market

Shopping Boardwalk

Target: Shoppers/Tourists/
River Greenway Destination

Art Galleries
Antique Shops
Pizza/Ice Cream Parlor/Subs
Cafe/Coffee House
Riverboat Pavilion
Riverboat Cruise
Walkway to Headwaters
Wells Street Bridge
Wells Street Corridor
Ferris Wheel
Sky Ride to Nightlife District

Nightlife Boardwalk 

Target: Singles, Couples, 
Professionals, River Greenway Destination

Upscale Restaurants
Fine Dining
Night Clubs
Fine Chocolate Shop
Dining Pavilion
Beer Garden
Integrate Old Fort
Walkway to Headwaters
Sky Ride to Shopping District

Skateboard/BMX Park

Target: Tweeners, Teens, & Young Adults

Indoor/Outdoor Skate Park
Rollerblading Rink
Paintball/Laser Tag
Miniature Golf
Bicentennial Park
Model Boat Races
Skate Shops
Carnival Rides


(AEP/Kroger Property)
Target: Tourists, Area
Residents, Young Professionals

IMAX Theatre
Innovation Center
 - Research Facility
 - Area Inventor Museum
 - Space Exploration
 - Engineering & Flood
   Control Research
Integrated with Science
  Central for 7/365 access

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Omni Source Property
Shopping Boardwalk
Nightlife Boardwalk
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Old Fort Water Park Resort

This 250 guestroom and suite, five-story resort is a unique family destination serving the Tri-State area. Resort guests are invited to step back in time to experience our city's great history while they enjoy recreation activities for the entire family.

Visitors enjoy the sensation of entering an Old Fort as they cross the bridge over a retention pond moat surrounding the facility. This feature was added to accommodate water displaced by our parking lot and structure to prevent flooding in the area.

Waterpark Discussion Blog

Glacier Canyon Lodge, Wisconsin Dells, WI Wilderness on the Lake, Wisconsin Dells, WI Wilderness on the Lake, Wisconsin Dells, WI
Glacier Canyon Lodge
Wisconsin Dells, WI 
Wilderness on the Lake
Wisconsin Dells, WI 
Wilderness on the Lake
Wisconsin Dells, WI 


Wild West Waterpark, Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Wild West Waterpark
Wilderness Resort
 Wisconsin Dells, WI 

Main Gallery

65,000 square feet of nonstop indoor water park fun. Local artists were commissioned to paint the historical murals adorning the walls.

Klondike Kavern, Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells, WI
Klondike Kavern
Wilderness Resort
  Wisconsin Dells, WI 

"The Raft Race"

Fort Wayne residents lost a longstanding tradition when the Raft Race was pulled from the Three Rivers Festival lineup. The Raft Race returns as guests compete for the fastest ride. Like the rafts of old, each is funded by corporate sponsors, complete with their advertising and logos.

"Fantastic Voyage" Wild West Waterpark, Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells, WI

"Fantastic Voyage"
Wild West Waterpark

Wilderness Resort
  Wisconsin Dells, WI

"The Flood" Family Raft Ride

Hold on to the kids! Towering at five stories, this 500 FOOT, exciting waterslide adventure will hurl you and four others deep into a WILD tunnel ride. This ride will certainly thrill and excite the entire family. Water falls over a sandbag dike at the base of the ride, reminiscent of the "Flood of '82" and "The City That Saved Itself."

Klondike Kavern, Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Klondike Kavern
Wilderness Resort
  Wisconsin Dells, WI

Wabash-Erie Canal Lazy River

Creature Cove, Castaway Bay, Sandusky, OH

Swimmers grab a "Little Turtle" raft or inner tube and are transported by water jets around the park via the surrounding canal system. The water playground in the center is "Summit City" providing captivating waterfalls, slides, games, and more.

Creature Cove
Castaway Bay
Sandusky, OH



Toddler's Tide Pool, Castaway Bay, Sandusky, OH

Toddler's Tide Pool
Castaway Bay
Sandusky, OH


"Bucky Beaver's Toddler Town"

Join Bucky and his friends at Beaver Dam. This children’s play pool features tandem slides, water pipes, spraying gadgets and frog and turtle play structures designed especially for tender tots. Can you help Bucky repair his dam before Summit City floods?

Cargo Crossing, Castaway Bay, Sandusky, OH

Cargo Crossing
Castaway Bay
Sandusky, OH

Fallen Timbers Challenge Pool

Swimmers traverse an obstacle course of apple barrels and fallen timbers. Water basketball and volleyball are also featured.

Timberland Playhouse, Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Timberland Playhouse
Wilderness Resort
  Wisconsin Dells, WI

"Mad Anthony's Wild Indoor Playground"

This 30,000 square-foot, four-story DRY interactive play land features countless foam ball blasters, a ball fountain that launches hundreds of balls into the air at once, interesting crawl spaces and slides that are guaranteed to turn your stomach!

The Grotto Spa/Hot Tub, Castaway Bay, Sandusky, OH

The Grotto Spa/Hot Tub
Castaway Bay
Sandusky, OH

The Spa

Okay Mom and Dad, now it's your turn! Make time to pamper yourself in our spa designed just for you. Featuring warm water pools, hot tubs and natural body massages, The Spa is your getaway from everyday life.

Old Fort Waterpark Resort also features two family-style restaurants, snack bars, arcades, and a craft room.  Potential attractions for the future include a wave pool, outdoor slides, additional guestrooms, miniature golf, indoor whitewater rafting, canoeing, body surfing, paddleboats, indoor beach volleyball, and more.


Disclaimer: The features mentioned on this site appear for illustrative purposes only and do not exist.  They are presented here to provide a vision of what Fort Wayne can achieve.

Developers & Investors: Interested in further discussing a particular project shown here?  Please contact Dave MacDonald by email or phone below.  All inquiries will remain confidential.

Dave MacDonald David A. MacDonald
G. A. MacDonald Associates, Inc.
2200 Lake Avenue, Suite 120
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
(260) 422-5377 (office)
(260) 423-6780 (fax)

Last Update: August 16, 2008

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