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City of Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Current Old Fort with Gate viewed from the NW corner
...Building Upon Our Past"


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Omni Source Property

Target: Parents/Children/

Old Fort Gateway
"Fort Fun" Playground
Three Rivers Fountain
Old Fort Water Park Resort
Train Depot/Rail Museum
Fort Flea Market

Shopping Boardwalk

Target: Shoppers/Tourists/
River Greenway Destination

Art Galleries
Antique Shops
Pizza/Ice Cream Parlor/Subs
Cafe/Coffee House
Riverboat Pavilion
Riverboat Cruise
Walkway to Headwaters
Wells Street Bridge
Wells Street Corridor
Ferris Wheel
Sky Ride to Nightlife District

Nightlife Boardwalk 

Target: Singles, Couples, 
Professionals, River Greenway Destination

Upscale Restaurants
Fine Dining
Night Clubs
Fine Chocolate Shop
Dining Pavilion
Beer Garden
Integrate Old Fort
Walkway to Headwaters
Sky Ride to Shopping District

Skateboard/BMX Park

Target: Tweeners, Teens, & Young Adults

Indoor/Outdoor Skate Park
Rollerblading Rink
Paintball/Laser Tag
Miniature Golf
Bicentennial Park
Model Boat Races
Skate Shops
Carnival Rides


(AEP/Kroger Property)
Target: Tourists, Area
Residents, Young Professionals

IMAX Theatre
Innovation Center
 - Research Facility
 - Area Inventor Museum
 - Space Exploration
 - Engineering & Flood
   Control Research
Integrated with Science
  Central for 7/365 access

Area Maps
Omni Source Property
Shopping Boardwalk
Nightlife Boardwalk
Skateboard Park Map



     Welcome to one vision for development of the North Side of Downtown Fort Wayne. I ask you to imagine the year is 2014, and the City of Fort Wayne is marketing this area to potential tourists.

This site is a work in progress and created to share ideas on the city's potential for development in this area. The region lies directly north of Headwaters Park and incorporates the existing Omni Source property, Lawton Park, Science Central, AEP property as well as the adjacent river banks of the St. Mary's River.  You'll notice that the narratives have been prepared as though these dreams have been realized.

    I apologize in advance for some of the 'crude' maps you'll see here. I've tried to provide references for photos of existing features found on other sites that illustrate their potential value to our community. Simply hover your mouse over the pictures for the source of the photo, the website, and property description if you want to see how the feature is integrated in other communities.     

     To begin, please click on the links below to visit these areas of the project:

Phase I: OmniSource Property Phase II: The Shopping Boardwalk Phase III: The Nightlife Boardwalk Phase III: Enhanced Skateboard Park Headwaters Park Skyride

     In my opinion, any successful development project for this area will include the following:

  1. It must integrate well with existing neighborhoods and features. Continuity within the project itself and the surrounding area is key.

  2. It must offer something for everyone. Every age group must be included in the overall project's target market (children, "tweeners," teens, young professionals, seniors, individuals, couples, families, etc.). 

  3. It must preserve the integrity of our rivers. While trade-offs may be necessary with any project, protecting and enhancing this natural element should be a priority.

  4. It must include three or more Destination Attractions to draw tourism to the area.  Should one "fail," two or more others remain until a viable replacement may be found.

  5. Attractions must be available year round. Features that are accessible 365 days each year should be preferred to those allowing seasonal or intermittent use.

  6. It should avoid eminent domain conflicts at every opportunity.  Integration with existing business and residences is preferable to "snatch and use."

  7. It must favor private sector funding over public taxation wherever possible. This includes individual (fee per use), corporate, and non-profit investment.

     The North Fort Wayne area provides a unique opportunity for improving tourism for the Summit City.  I hope you'll share the same enthusiasm and that by working together this dream may be realized.

- Dave MacDonald


PHASE I - Omni Source Property
PHASE II - Shopping Boardwalk
PHASE III - Nightlife Boardwalk &
Enhanced Skateboard Park
PHASE IV - I & M Property
(coming soon)


Disclaimer: The features mentioned on this site appear for illustrative purposes only and do not exist.  They are presented here to provide a vision of what Fort Wayne can achieve.

Developers & Investors: Interested in further discussing a particular project shown here?  Please contact Dave MacDonald by email or phone below.  All inquiries will remain confidential.

Dave MacDonald David A. MacDonald
G. A. MacDonald Associates, Inc.
2200 Lake Avenue, Suite 120
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
(260) 422-5377 (office)
(260) 423-6780 (fax)

Last Update: August 16, 2008

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