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Indiana Farmers Mutual is an Indiana-based company, providing Auto, Home, Farm, and Business insurance across the state.

Since 1877, protecting Hoosiers has been their mission.  Indiana is their only market & Hoosiers are their only customers. Indiana Farmers is a mutual company that exists only to serve it policyholders. They have no stockholders or outside investors. We are a mutual company owned by our policyholders.

Together with our more than 200 independent insurance agents, they work to protect their client’s financial safety net from risk.

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Call toll-free:  (800) 666-6460
Auto Glass Claims: (877) 592-2702

Claims Contact Info

800.468.8084 (fax)

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 527
Indianapolis, IN 46206

Street Address:
10 West 106th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46290

Special Investigations Unit
Phone Tip Line: 888.809.3434, ext. 679
E-mail Address:

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Call us at 888.809.3434 to make a payment or if you have questions regarding your bill.

Payment mailing address:

Indiana Farmers Mutual
P.O. Box 856
Indianapolis, IN 46206

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